Taking its name from a rural thruway in Anson Texas, Jones County Road was founded in 2013 by Ryan Rogers. The Jones County Road mission is simple: to provide an alternative to the overly manufactured merchandise of our time by bringing handcrafted and expertly designed products into the everyday home. Mixing cues from its headquarters in Los Angeles with its roots in small-town Texas, the Jones County Road aesthetic is both classic and modern as well as functional and unique. 

Everything at Jones County Road is carefully crafted by hand in Los Angeles with top-quality materials. The soaps and oils are made with all-natural ingredients without synthetics, preservatives or dyes. Scents are composed of pure essential oils like clove and fir needle and reflect the natural environment. All home decor items are handmade-to-order and use high-quality components and timeless design elements, adding style and functionality to any space.